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Date:      Tue, 13 Jan 2009 13:07:49 +0200
From:      Ivailo Tanusheff <>
To:        Pieter Donche <>
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Subject:   Re: 2 networkcards in 1 system
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I suppose you use both NICs on a same network - you use common network 
segment or use common switch/hub.
This is an old issue - try to change the segment or use vlans on the 
switch :)


Ivailo Tanusheff
Deputy Head of IT Department
ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) AD

Pieter Donche <> 
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13.01.2009 13:04
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Pieter Donche <>

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2 networkcards in 1 system

I installed FreeBSD-amd64 on a system which has 2 networkcards and 
1 networkcard with its IP parameters.

Now I want to add the second networkcard, and did:
# sysinstall
  do Post-Install Configuratio
   Configure additional Netwerk Services
    Configure additional network interface
   and selected em1 and gave it its IP parameters
    (I used the same hostname, in the DNS servers here is assigned to two IP addresses)

(After rebooting,  em1 appears in the boot messages with the correct
Mac- and IP address.. )

But I get many messages:
Jan 13 11:05:25  macos kernel: arp: 143.129.XX.YY is on em0 but got reply
from 00:1b:21:UU:VV:WW on em1
Jan 13 11:54.25  macos kernel: arp: 143.129.XX.YY is on em0 but got reply
from 03:ba:14:UU:VV:WW on em1

( 143.129.XX.YY is our gateway or other system, the MAC address
is the mac-addres of our gateway or that other system )

Why is this? How to remedy?

Or do I need to 'deconfigure' em1? How can I do that?
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