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Date:      Tue, 6 Sep 2011 15:44:27 +0100
From:      Michael Doyle <>
To:        Evan Busch <>
Subject:   Re: A quality operating system
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Lots of other people have given good answers. I'm just chiming in on  
points 3 and 7

On 20 Aug 2011, at 05:47, Evan Busch wrote:

> "What is a quality operating system?"

I work as a database developer in an SME. I support end users on Mac  
OSX and Windows XP .. Windows Vista
clients, and Windows 2008, FreeBSD and SuSE linux servers.

Of these, the FreeBSD servers give least trouble.
For non-techie users, usually but not always the OS X people have  
fewer problems.

> In his view, and now mine, a quality operating system is reliable,
> streamlined and clearly organized.

That is hard to disagree with
> (3) Horrible documentation.
> This is my specialty and has been since the early 1980s. The FreeBSD
> documentation is wordy, disorganized, inconsistent and highly
> selective in what it mentions. It is not the product of professionals
> but it also not the product of volunteers with a focus on
> communication. It seems pro-forma, as in, "it's in the documentation,
> so don't bother me." The web site compounds this error by pointing us
> in multiple directions instead of to a singular resource. It is bad
> enough that man pages are separate from your main documentation tree,
> but now you have doubled or trebled the workload required of you
> without any benefit to the end user.

I personally find the documentation that comes as part of the install  
and the documentation on the
FreeBSD website EASIER to use and more complete than any alternatives  
I use on a regular basis.

> (7) Disorganized website.

Again, what are you comparing it to?
I can often find my way to exactly the information I am looking for on  
the FreeBSD site using
the search tool and menu structure within that site.

To search for answers about Windows server, Windows desktop or OSX  
problems, I tend to rely
on external search engines (Bing, Google) to trawl through the sites,  
and it takes longer to find the answers
I need

Michael Doyle

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