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Date:      Sat, 22 Apr 1995 07:37:23 -0600 (MDT)
From:      Bill Lee <>
To:        Eric & Rae <>
Subject:   Re: rawrite utility for os2?
Message-ID:  <>
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On Thu, 20 Apr 1995, Eric & Rae wrote:

> 	I'm trying to install FreeBSD but I don't have rawrite to decompress
> the floppies.  I found the IBM utility LoadDskF it worked fine on the boot disk
> but won't work on cpio.  Does anybody know of another utility that will work
> under Warp or (Warp dos) with will write cpio.flp?  I have the FreeBSD binaries 
> already downloaded.  


When I installed FreeBSD from the CD, I simply used the MAKEFLP.BAT in the
root directory of the CD from an OS/2 DOS session.  It worked like a 
champ.  Here's the content of MAKEFLP.BAT; it uses a DOS version of 
rawrite which I expect you can FTP from wherever you got the kernal.

echo off                                                                  
echo Prepare two fresh 1.44MB floppies and format them BOTH when format is
echo invoked for you.  When done, exit format and label one "boot" and    
echo the other "cpio".                                                    
format a:                                                                 
echo Please insert the boot floppy                                        
tools\dos_tool\rawrite floppies\boot.flp a                                
echo Please remove the boot floppy and insert the cpio floppy             
tools\dos_tool\rawrite floppies\cpio.flp a:                               
echo Done!  When you are ready to install, reinsert the boot floppy 
echo reset the machine.                                                   
echo on                                                                   

BTW, I can confirm that the OS/2 boot manager will boot a FreeBSD partition 
just fine, in case you were wondering.  <<Bill>>

Bill Lee   E-mail:
           Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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