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Date:      Thu, 23 Feb 95 20:21:25 MST
From: (Terry Lambert)
To: (bo)
Subject:   Re: majordomo & perl
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In-Reply-To:  <"1993 Thu Feb 23 20:41:42 1995">  from "bo" at Feb 23, 95 08:41:00 pm

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> Majordomo 1.93 will NOT work with the stocked 2.0R
> or SNAPs because of the older perl. Grab the new
> perl5.000 and all will be fine. I have to put domaen
> in group majordom to make it work. A couple scripts
> look for sendmail in wrong places but easy to find 
> by the testing.

So someone enter into an NDA and put a binary driver up for FTP

Sheesh!  NDA's are only a problem if your kernel is GPL'ed and you
give it away so that it's not OK to give them away with binary
only pieces.

I suggest that it be a loaded module however, since binary-only
ought not to be included in the distribution kernels.  Besides,
it doesn't make any sense to distribute a driver for a rare
piece of hardware in your default kernel.

					Terry Lambert
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