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Date:      Thu, 16 Mar 1995 19:55:57 -0500 (EST)
From:      Dave McCluskey <>
Subject:   uucp  help
Message-ID:  <>

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hi, got a couple questions involving uucp and the mail system.. right now im
hooked up to the internet via a 56k line  and i bout the freebsd 2.0 cd to
install it mainly so i could send mail out from a MajorBBS machine that im
running on a novell network back out to the internet and vice versa.  right now
i have the unix box hooked  to the novell net stacked with the tcp/ip.. i also
have a machine (call it MGI for Major internet gateway) connected serial to the
unix box.  the MGI machine runs uucico  to log on to the  unix box and get its
mail.. right now in my Log file im getting ERROR:/etc/uucp/port: fopen:
Permission denied

im not sure what isnt set right im going with the basic out of the box install
from your ftp site.  i thougth this might have to do with the port.sample file
which i copied to the directory it said (/usr/local/conf/uucp) and i only
changet the modem to direct since i assume i need this in there with the serial
connection .. i also tried renaming it just to port in the /usr/local/conf/uucp
and in the etc/uucp directory.   id appreciate any help you can give me on
setting these  config files up properly for a direct serial connection.

also im having trouble with the mailing which also relates to the above in a
way.. right now i have ,, and
mail coming into the unix box.. anything written to gets
prcessed correctly anything else gets sent to the root with a local
configuration error.  what i want to be able to do is have anything with or to go out and  be retrieved via the MGI
machine which is loggin in under the uucp account.  is this a configuration set
for  if so what and how do i change it..

id very much appreciate any help you can give me on this  since im just
learning unix as im setting it up.

David McCluskey

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