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Date:      Mon, 29 Aug 2005 13:13:05 -0400
From:      Dan Ponte <>
Subject:   Re: building an older server
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On Mon, Aug 29, 2005 at 12:38:21PM +0300, ANdrei <> was witne=
ssed plotting the following conspiracy:
> hi.
> I need some basic advice from people using a bit older hardware, as I wan=
> to build a fairly simple server with FreeBSD.
> sorry if these prove to be stupid or trivial questions, but as it's old=
> hardware I thought people might be using this (or used it) and can give=
> some useful advice about how real-life is nowadays. Most online resources=
> are with older software....

I have a similar setup to what you are looking at, read on.

> Main purpose will be hosting some websites, mailserver, fileserver, mysql=
> with not too heavy load, on a 1MBps connection. Now it is physically=20
> impossible to get a network cable there, so I need 802.11g, which leads m=
> to using only FreeBSD 5.x or 6.x. I got my card working under 5.x using=
> ndisulator, with WEP 64bit (128bit doesn't seem to work, or I don't get t=
> idea how). I have to choose between TrendNet and D-Link cards using TI=20
> chipsets (probably the same, afaik), and I tested the TrendNet successful=
> as mentioned.

I personally use 802.11b for the server (Linksys WMP11's an old
card, but wi(4) works with it).

> Who has experience with 6.x, can PSK be used, as WEP is not the best=20
> alternative for a server, is it? And if yes, should I expect other issues=
> with the 6.x, as it's still beta... I would also need a basic management=
> tool for my wifi, is there anything out there? And if I should go for 6.x=
> what branch should I go for (sorry, I'm totally new to 6.x, maybe this=20
> question is stupid :)   It's not a production server, but I don't want it=
> to fail too often, either...
> The router supports PSK, and the server will be probably in the DMZ or se=
> up as a "Virtual PC" (seems to be a fancy name for a NAT :) and with port=
> forwarding, as I only need some ports (I have to decide if I will go for=
> the router hardware security or for ipfw)

I can't comment here, as I only use WEP, and have only used 6 on a

> second: I will be using an older motherboard, ABIT BP6 with two celerons=
> 400MHz (suits my needs), who can point me on how to use the full=20
> functionality of the onboard IDE RAID. It's a HighPoint HPT366, do I have=
> any tools for it, driver is ok and supported? Any issues? I could go for =
> SIL3112 SATA, but this is just a waste of hardware considering the overal=
> performance of the end-system, so I'd rather use the onboard if there are=
> no big issues. Do I even have to recompile for support for this controlle=
> or can I install directly to it?

You might want to check HARDWARE.txt if it's supported. An apropos(1)
here for "HighPoint" only yields results for hptmv(4), which supports
the RocketRAID 128x. You will most likely want to recompile it into your
kernel if such support exists; you should do so anyway, to reduce the
bloat and get rid of unnecessary drivers in your kernel. By the way, my
machine uses an Abit BH6 (single CPU, pIII/500).

> Oh, and I guess the dual processor config on this mobo is fully supported=
> right? Anybody knowing a good tutorial on how to get the most out of this=
> old hardware? I'll probably go with the max of RAM, so I'd like to compil=
> a fast kernel also (I know how to do that, only asking if there are some=
> special options for these old procs, I never actually worked with dual pr=
> that old :)

Use the SMP kernel (or put options SMP into yours) and it should work.
Most options in GENERIC should suit you fine re: processor options.

> last, do you think using a normal older SCSI controller (lets say Adaptec=
> AHA-2940 S76 Ultra-SCSI, or smtg else, I have a few lying around) with so=
> 2GB Quantums can be a faster solution? can I do software RAID or smtg wit=
> them, as I have a few of these disks, but the controllers are none RAID=
> controllers.
> I'm only concerned for speed and security on one slice/partition, and 2-4=
> would be enough for it, so RAID 10 with 4 disks would work...

If it works, why not? You may be able to use gvinum or whatever we're
using these days for software RAID; check the handbook for more info.

> tks,
> ANdrei
Dan Ponte
It's easier to get forgiveness for being wrong than forgiveness for
being right.

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