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Date:      Mon, 06 Jul 1998 08:26:50 -1000
From:      "Arthur W. Neilson III" <>
To:        Jon Groves <>
Cc:        freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: free DSB
Message-ID:  <>
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Jon Groves wrote:
> I do not understand how you can say that "Free DSB" is free, If it cost $40
> to get the CD-ROM from Walnut Creek CD-ROM CO. I would like to get a copy of
> the software, is there some one other than Walnut Creek to get it from?? I
> prefer the 3.5'' DISKS because I do not have a CD-ROM drive on the computer
> I plan to install on, and not FTP because the speed of my connection and
> distance from your server to me is to slow and to far for a fast download.

Jon, you don't seem to get it.  First, it's called FreeBSD not
FreeDSB, the BSD part stands for Berkeley Software Distribution
i.e. Berkeley UNIX.  FreeBSD is not a small package you can just
copy to a 3.5" disk, those little diskettes hold approx 1MB each.
FreeBSD comes on a 4 CDROM set which is equivalent to 4000 or so
diskettes!  You want to install that many diskettes?  The cost of
that many diskettes is way more than the $40 cost of the CDROM
distribution.  Furthermore, the CDROMs are far more reliable
and will last way longer.  $40 is a small price to pay for an OS
that's as good or better than others that cost thousands (SCO etc).
Diskette is definitely a non-sensical way to go for installing 
FreeBSD.  If you don't want to pay any money, then install via
FTP.  This is all documented on the FreeBSD web site, it's a great
idea to go thru the FAQ and online handbook prior to your install.
FreeBSD really is "free", the entire OS is freely downloadable from
the web site however I found it *far* easier to just shell out the
$40 and install directly from it.  It's the simplest, most hassle
free way to go and your money is going to a fine cause.  Sheesh,
it's not like you are giving your money to microsoft.

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 Arthur W. Neilson III
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