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Date:      Mon, 16 Nov 98 16:56:34 +0200
To:        freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   ethernet-level management
Message-ID:  <"WIN2097-981116150310-6E93*/I=EM/S=Moller/OU=DZH/OU=RWS/O=MINVENW/PRMD=MINVENW/ADMD=400NET/C=NL/"@MHS>

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Dear Sirs,

Could you please inform me on your possiblities [hard-& software]
to manage our network on an ethernet-address level.Please state
estimated prices as far as possible as well.

Some data re our Network:
[1] Clients     : Compaq Dp 4000 5200mmx 2400ntl, approx 900 objects,
                  devided over 18 floors and 3 VLANs
[2] Printers    : all HP's, ranging from model HPLIIIsi, DeskJet1120c 
                  to 5000n, approx 200 objects
[3] Servers     : Compaq ProLiant, 8 objects; Tulip VisionLine, 6 objects
                  HP 9000 800/g5, 1 object; h30, 1 object; e35, 1 object;
                  d-class, 2 objects
[4] OS          : NT4, Unix
[5] Protocol    : TCP/IP
[6] Switches    : Madge Visage 16200, 800t, 24t, total 50 objects
[7] Hubs        : Madge she-16, 60 objects
[8] Cabling     : glass backbone, UTP 10BaseT
[9] Connected to: the Internet, dail-in users [ISDN], 10 subsidiaries,
                  connected through dedicated lines as well as ISDN. 

Thank you in advance for your trouble.

Kind regards,

Emil Moller

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