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Date:      05 May 95 06:02:25 EDT
From:      <>
To:        <>
Subject:   FW: FreeBSD Installation Problems
Message-ID:  <950505100224_555063.0_EHF64-1@CompuServe.COM>

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To: FreeBSD Questions
Subject: FreeBSD Installation Problems
Date: 03 May 1995 18:16

I am a complete novice at UNIX and have some expirence with DOS and PC 
hardware. I have come accross some problems with installing Free BSD can you 

1:   Making the floppies. I could not get these to make properly in a 486 
DX" with a
     CMD  technology Quickie IDE card. I kept getting head overun erorrs. 
Moved to
     a Trigem 4DX2 no problems. What could have con wrong.

2.   I have a  Future Domain CDROM TMC-850 (TMC950 Chipset compatible). When 
     try to install the bindiste ect I get an error saying cd0a not found 
and when I alt  f1 it
     tell me that mount cd_9660 failed due to a configuration proble. having 
     around the FreeBSD FAQ I find others in the same problem. What can I do 
to fix this.
     At the moment I copied the CD to Hard disk and installed from there, 
but I would like
     to do it from the CD.

Thanks in advance.

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