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Date:      Wed, 30 Nov 2011 10:50:02 +1000
From:      Da Rock <>
Subject:   Re: Twiki problems - no such file or directory
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On 11/30/11 05:24, Karl Vogel wrote:
>>> On Tue, 29 Nov 2011 14:05:30 +1000,
>>> Da Rock<>  said:
> D>  I installed twiki on a test server to get a handle on how it operates,
> D>  and it all worked fine so I installed it on the production server. The
> D>  only difference between the 2 is that the production server uses vhosts.
> D>  When I try to run *any* of the twiki scripts (twiki/bin/view,
> D>  twiki/bin/configure) I get "no such file or directory" in the httpd
> D>  error logs.
>     I did see the reply about checking the perl path; this is for people who
>     run into other "no such file" problems.  If the path fix hadn't worked,
>     my next step would have been adding vhosts to the test server and seeing
>     if I could get them both to fail in the same way.
>     We've had similar problems, and replacing the program with a call to
>     truss helps us troubleshoot:
>       root# mv /path/to/apache /path/to/apache.bin
>       root# cat /path/to/apache
>       #!/bin/sh
>       exec /usr/bin/truss -o /tmp/apache$$ -f /path/to/apache.bin
>       exit 1
I hadn't thought of that last trick- good one.

I was really tired so I guess I wasn't thinking too straight, but the 
fact that the logs were showing no such file for say 
/twiki/bin/configure was really only making me think of the configure 
script file- not that it couldn't find the interpreter- so my attention 
was focused on that. The fact perl was on a slight different path was 
not really registering at the time at all. Very misleading for the tired 
and weary... :)

I had considered running the test server in exactly the same form as the 
production, but that was going to be my very last resort and after a 
very long sleep!

Moral of the story: Don't try diagnostics when you're so tired that you 
can't see straight, let alone think straight. You'll miss the small 
details that can make a huge difference ;)


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