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Date:      Tue, 06 Jan 2015 13:39:28 +0200
From:      Coert <>
Cc:        Lev <>
Subject:   Re: Questions from a Linux refugee
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On Tuesday 06 January 2015 11:55:03 Lev wrote:
> Sorry for my ignorance, I am a Linux refugee.
> I learned that Debian is also goes with the systemd nightmare, so I started
> to look around and install other OSs.
> So I started using FreeBSD, and I kinda liked it, but there were several
> "show stoppers", so for the time being I had to go back to Debian.
> My greatest concern were these. I ask here, maybe I missed something and I
> can move to FreeBSD.
> 1. Lack of ext4 support. As a Linux user, I have lots of disks with ext4
> partition, and I simply wanted to copy files, but failed. I might be naive,
> but ext4 is open, so why can't FreeBSD have native support for ext4?
> 2. I have a PCI-serial interface card that stopped booting the kernel. It
> said something like "not standard serial port". According to lspci on Linux
> this is:
> NetMos Technology PCI 9845 Multi-I/O Controller
> 3. Package system. I wanted to install scilab. There is (?) no binary
> package for it, and the compilation took ages. After I had it, the next
> update deleted it along with other packages. How to deal with the upgrades?
> Thank you for your answers, and I hope one day I will be a FreeBSD user.
> 73! de HA5OGL
> Levente
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Hello Lev,

I am also a bit of a linux refugee.
Used/using Gentoo and Redhat EL.

To be able to mount an ext4 file system, install fusefs-ext4fuse
There are also Fuse modules for NTFS and such.

The packages/ports thing,
At first I also suffered with this,
More or less the bottom line is,
pkg (pkgng since FreeBSD 9 I think) is used for binary packages, and binary 
ports is the same concept, just that everything happens from source.
The binary packages are compiled with standard configs that most people would 
That is probably why scilab is in ports, and not available as a package.

Install ports-mgmt/portmaster or portupgrade.

They make working with ports a breeze.

Hope this helps,

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