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Date:      Tue, 26 Sep 2006 12:56:47 +0200
From:      Erik Norgaard <>
To:        Erik Norgaard <>
Cc:        Desmond Coughlan <>,
Subject:   Re: problem installing on i386
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Erik Norgaard wrote:
> Don't create a separate /bin and /etc partition, there is no need, and 
> 512M is far sufficient for both /, /etc and /bin.
> I would guess the problem is that when you boot / is mounted, but no rc 
> script is found as it is in /etc, as well as the fstab with info on what 
> to mount where.
> Further, all the startup scripts are shell scripts and requires /bin/sh
> - including mountcritlocal that mounts your partions. Obviously this
> work because /bin is not mounted.
  ^ insert "won't" here.

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