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Date:      22 Oct 2001 15:36:56 -0400
From:      Vivek Khera <>
Subject:   Re: OT: email->fax gateway
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>>>>> "MR" == Mike Roest <> writes:

MR> Anyone ever gotten an email->fax gateway setup under FreeBSD?

Yes.  Originally under sendmail, then under postfix.  With postfix it
is much easier.  Just configure a fake top-level domain, like .fax,
then any message sent to Joe_User@5551212.fax would be delivered by
the "fax" transport agent.  The fax transport agent was just a shell
script that took the address, split it into the parts necessary for
hylafax' sendfax program, read the message from stdin and run it
through faxmail to format it nicely, then fax it.

Here's the script.  Obviously you need to change the FAXSERVER

--cut here--
#! /bin/sh
# mailfax - Email to FAX gateway for postfix
# This file should be installed as /usr/local/libexec/mailfax
# (or whatever is specified in the file) below.
# Edit your Postfix configuration.  Include the following
# mailer definition:
# fax	  unix	-	n	n	-	5	pipe
#     flags= user=fax argv=/usr/local/libexec/mailfax ${recipient} ${sender}
# and add the following to the address transport map:
# .fax	fax:localhost
# Now, email sent to NAME@FAXNUMBER.fax will be sent via the sendfax program.
# Note that the mailfax script must be invoked as either root, daemon, or
# uucp if the from address is to be changed with the -f option to sendfax.
FAXSERVER=faxmachine; export FAXSERVER


# strip the .fax part of the address to pass to the sendfax program
TO=`echo $TO | sed -e 's/\.fax$//'`

/usr/contrib/bin/faxmail -n -d "$TO" "$FROM"
--cut here--

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