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Date:      Sat, 16 Mar 2002 21:12:02 -0800 (PST)
From:      Mikko Tyolajarvi <>
Subject:   Re: X 4.2? Wine outdated?
Message-ID:  <>
References:  <000001c1cd65$31ce9e20$bf238bd8@winxp>

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>I read somewhere that there are problems with X 4.2 and FBSD. Can
>someone tell me that they are? And looking on I saw WINE as
>a port(2001-12-26)and on we have version 2002-02-28. Does
>anyonwe know if the web site just hasn't been updated or if the ported
>wine is outdated

Consulting my local /usr/ports, cvsupped a few hours ago...

XFree86-4: 4.2, as of today.
wine:      2002.03.10, as of the 11th

 Mikko Työläjä
 RSA Security

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