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Date:      Tue, 07 Feb 2012 11:44:34 +1000
From:      Da Rock <>
To:        jerry <>,  "" <>
Subject:   Re: Debug Brother MFC-9560CDW failure to print
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In-Reply-To: <20120206163249.7d35337d@scorpio>
References:  <20120206163249.7d35337d@scorpio>

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On 02/07/12 07:32, Jerry wrote:
> OK Rock, if you think you can debug what is happening here, be my
> guest. As shown in the subject line, this is a Brother MFC-9560CDW
> printer. It works perfectly from Windows. Under FreeBSD, no so much.
> When configured via CUPS 1.5.0, it will print a perfect test page. Now,
> when I invoke the printer from an applications, only a blank page is
> ejected. Most applications, offer both an LPR option as well as the
> print to printer option. If I choose the LPR option, the document is
> printed correctly. This is also true from the command line.
> I either print to LPR or I use Windows to print the document. I have
> attached the PPD file along with a lot of other information. It is the
> latest one from Brother that is used on Windows. There is no native PPD
> file available for FreeBSD. However, in the past I have tried Linux PPDs
> that worked fine on Linux but failed on FreeBSD. What I fail to
> understand is why it is printing via LPR correctly but not via CUPS
> although the CUPS test page does print correctly.
When you say the test page prints correctly, is that the cups test page 
or the test page out of the printer? Put it this way: does it say "cups" 
on the page printed?

Have you tried using foomatic? From what I read you could use pxlcolor 

As I also understand it, using a windows ppd on anything other than 
windows (unless the manufacturer possibly made the programs with the 
same name- which is virtually never) will never work. You may _possibly_ 
have some success with Linux, but not likely. And your best bet is to 
forget the manufacturers stupid proprietary printer languages and stick 
with standards; ie. PCL, Postscript (which specifically is cups native 

If you need better quality (for, say, photos), then use gutenprint.

Bottom line: I think you're chasing the wrong dog. I don't think it 
knows what you're talking about using BR-script3 and barfs. Switch to 
PCL6 and it will work I'm pretty sure. And ppd's won't mix and match- 
ppd's tell cups what to do, and cups then follows the scripts and spits 
the output; if it doesn't know what the scripts are it will not know 
what to do, and so far (I'm still going through it all) it looks like it 
is just sending something the printer has no idea at all what to do with 
and just spits paper out anyway.

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