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Date:      Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:37:55 -0400
From:      Michael Powell <>
Subject:   Re: Famp Server
Message-ID:  <k6paae$vne$>
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Peter Vereshagin wrote:

> Hello.
> 2012/10/29 16:28:11 -0400 Michael Powell <> => To
> : MP> Perhaps by way of example I can
> illustrate: I run Apache as FastCGI with the MP> event-mpm, mysql,
> memcached, and PHP in the FPM configuration. It is a MP> highly customized
> and tuned environment which is easily obtained utilizing MP> the inherent
> configurability of the FreeBSD ports system.
> jfmi: Which of them can not be found in a 'gentoo'?

I do not know. Never ran Gentoo. Never had the time to try every 'distro'. 
Some imprecise and poor wording on my part when I said something about 
'all', when I should have said the 3 that I did try.  Mistake on my part.
> What if being a proper sysadm means ability to deploy a package on
> thousands (tens of thaousands, etc.) of machines? In formal terms this
> means create a package and install on the every machine. This cannot be a
> several packages because this makes the whole task less quick and the
> solution less reliable. And the creation of such a package can be a more
> trivial task for sysadm than the such of a package installation or upgrade
> by itself.
> Such a metaport can be a person-scale/company-wide solution, not a public
> one so no harm for the general freebsd usage approaches/pphilosophy which
> is a kind of a public stuff.
I completely agree with this. However, noting the most recent email it looks 
as if he still hasn't quite got the hang of installing software on FreeBSD 
yet. I believe there is a chapter in the Handbook devoted to it. 

One would still need to learn how to install software on FreeBSD in order to 
make use of a meta port; after all - it is still the same process. I do not 
think a meta port is a solution for not learning how to install software. 

My suggestion is centered around the idea that learning to install software 
is a prerequisite to using a meta port. I think we should be guiding him 
towards acquiring that understanding, then if such a meta port comes into 
being he will be able to make use of it as well. 

I do not disagree with the potential utility of a meta port. This is a 
'horse before the cart' situation where one cannot replace the other. We 
should be helping him learn how to install software. A meta port should be a 
separate issue of its own, and not be attempting to replace not knowing how 
to install software.


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