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Date:      Tue, 07 Jul 2009 14:49:26 +0200
From:      Mister Olli <>
To:        RIck van der Zwet <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD HA file cluster possibilities
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I'm curious about your solution. Let me know if you have one :-)

I'm wondering if d) is possible in FreeBSD as from my view it would be
the best solution. Wether you use synchronous (assuming you have
sufficient bandwith) or asynchronous writes.

A wonderful solution would be if AFS would provide in-time replication.
However at the moment replication is hand-task in AFS.

Another solution would be possible but I'm not sure that it has decent
performance. You could use subversion with autoversioning and let it
write into a mysql DB (or any other FS that writes into a database) and
configure database replication between the two fileservers.
Has anyone setup this and is capable of providing information on data

Mr. Olli

On Tue, 2009-07-07 at 14:17 +0200, RIck van der Zwet wrote:
> I been (re)searching and reading what the options are with regards to 
> H(igh) A(vailablility) file storage using FreeBSD, but cannot yet find a 
> proper working solution. Any advice welcome!
> I like to be able to mirror a full identical disk between two server. So 
> in case of hardware failure of server A (Master). Server B (Slave) 
> immediately takes over, without any loss of data. The Network 
> configuration is easy using ucarp/vppr. But the file system is the hard 
> part. Paths I have investigated:
> a) ggate & gmirror: Export system on Server B to Server A. Use gmirror 
> on Server A to keep identical disks. When the ggated on Server B 
> actually goes down, the whole setup freezes, until the ggated is back up 
> again. Second on network delays gmirror looses, having to sync all over 
> again. Leaving the machine at risk.
> b) SAN/iSCSI targets/gmirror: [Brainstorm] Have 2 iSCSI storage boxes 
> namely C and D. Have Server A run gmirror on the C and D. And let B 
> pickup on failure? Does this work?
> c) ssync/rsync: This does not suit the needs as it does not provide 
> realtime mirroring. Causing data-loss on failure. As rsync/ssync does 
> not run in realtime.
> d) drbd: - Does anyone has a working (alternative) 
> setup on FreeBSD?
> Any other solution/setup I am missing? Using external hardware/software 
> is all-right as long I am able to connect to FreeBSD with it and it 
> leaves no single point of failure.
> Thanks in advance!
> /Rick
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