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Date:      Mon, 18 Oct 1999 11:27:25 EDT
Subject:   Re: Mounting A CD-ROM 
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> mount /cdrom
> is the most basic way to do it. It gets a little more complicated if this 
> doesn't work, but if you are using the GENERIC kernel and it's seeing the 
> cd-rom, this should work.

>>Just so that you don't continue to spread misinformation, whether or not
>>the kernel identifies the drive has nothing to do with whether the
>>/cdrom mountpoint exists and has an entry in /etc/fstab .

I believe the question was syntax related, as the drive _was_ being 
identified by the kernel. I tailored the answer because the postee had had 
the system up for one day and needed the beauty of brevity. Not to mention 
english. And hence the disclaimer of "it gets more complicated if this 
doesn't work".  Geez.


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