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Date:      Sun, 18 Sep 2005 18:22:29 -0700
From:      Micah <>
To:        "Harout S. Hedeshian" <>,
Subject:   Re: Changing Console Video Modes
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Harout S. Hedeshian wrote:
> Users,
>             This is my first time on this list so I hope I am posting in the
> right place. I have been a Linux user for some time and I am trying out
> FreeBSD as some people recommended it. In my previous Mandrake (now
> Mandriva) Linux system, I could pass a kernel parameter in the LILO
> configuration file to set the console video mode (like "vga=xxx"). I ran it
> at 1024x768 and sometimes 1280x1024 (depending on the computer) to allow
> more text on the console. I am trying to do the same for my FreeBSD system.
> A quick Google search brought up this tutorial:
> But, I'm not sure it does what I
> want. It takes parameters in terms of character-cell dimensions and not
> pixel dimensions. My question is, how do you tell the kernel to use 1024x768
> as the video mode without having to deal with fonts? Is there an easy way to
> do it, or am I crazy to even ask?
> Oh, and one more thing, in Linux, the console is colorful. For example, if
> you type "ls", directories are blue, executables are green, symlinks are
> teal etc. Is there a way to make the console (or at least ls) colorful in
> FreeBSD?
> Thanks,
> Harout Hedeshian

Not sure about video modes (I usually use a Konsole or xterm), but for 
color make sure "setenv  CLICOLOR    1" is in your .cshrc.  I don't know 
if this works in other shells, but you could try an equivalent line in 
an equivalent file for your particular shell.


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