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Date:      Mon, 16 Aug 2004 13:01:45 -0300
From:      Patrick Tracanelli <>
Subject:   FWD under bridged enviroment...
Message-ID:  <>

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Should the fwd action work with the code revision available today under 
5_2 branch (5.2.1-RELEASE-p8)?

The enviroment is xl0 and xl1 bridged in the sabe cluster, ahd xl2 
available only to host registered IP and be available online. The fwd 
action fordwards to the same machine...

bridged firewalling is enabled, the interesting thing is that the fwd 
rule counts packets and bytes as usual, but the forwarded port gets no 
action.. (ie, no connection is logged);

other behaviour is that if I get only the fwd rule that fordwards to 
somewhere not available, usually the traffic gets stopped (obviously, 
since they are forwarded to somewhere and gets nothing there) but under 
this bridged setup the traffic stills flows, as if there were no fwd 
rule (but it is still counting packets)...

any clue? :)

I remember code were available to allow fwd under bridged enviroment, I 
want to know if it was commited and is supposed to work :}

Thanks :)


Patrick Tracanelli

FreeBSD Brasil LTDA.
The FreeBSD pt_BR Documentation Project
patrick @
"Long live Hanin Elias, Kim Deal!"

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