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Date:      10 Feb 95 11:34:24 EST
From:      "Jeffrey J. Sick" <>
To:        BSD Questions <>
Subject:   Install
Message-ID:  <950210163424_71672.2550_DHN121-1@CompuServe.COM>

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Hi there, I just received the FreeBSD 2.0 CD from Walnut Creek and I ran into a
snag already. 

First a plus (you probably know already) Hardware compatibility does not mention
the Adaptec 1510 SCSI Adapter, but when I booted with the floppy the devices on
the card were correctly identified.

Here's my problem, I can't get past the boot-up sequence from the disk made when
I made the BOOT Disk and the CPIO Disk (the batch file is written wrong for
creating the disks <g>). The boot up goes through all the hardware indentifying
everything it can find and then comes to a point where it says:

wd1: changing size of 'd' partition from 819520 to 820352

and then hangs. Or.. does this take an extremely long time? I let it go for an
hour on one try before giving up. 'D' drive was empty at the time, freshly
fdisked and formated. I also tried running it with no partitions on that drive
in which case it would say that it was changing the partition from 1 to 820352.

Here's my hardware:

Intel 486 DX 50 (not DX2) with 8 megs RAM
VLB Stealth 24 Video
DFI VLB Controller with:
3.5, 5.25 floppies
C Drive, Western Digi  540 drive (set up as 528, I wasn't going to play with
drivers to get 12 megs)
D Drive, Maxtor 420 Drive
Adaptec 1510 SCSI2 Controller with:
Mountain Filesafe 1200+
Micropolis 640 meg drive (big ol' ugly monster that you can fry an egg on)
Sound Blaster 16 Multi-CD
Mitsumi CD-ROM (soon to be back on it's own card again)

Do you have any suggestions as to why it was trying to change a partition
without asking? Any way I can get around it? I'll probably run into other
problems down the road but I'd like to at least get started. Or did I do
something wrong already. (Look into that crystal ball) . I'll send any info if
you want it, I know what it's like to do support, I'm the IS Network Tech here
at AirSep.


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