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Date:      Sat, 11 Mar 2017 01:41:01 +0000
From:      Ken Moffat <>
Subject:   Re: Noob question
Message-ID:  <20170311014101.GA18045@milliways.localdomain>
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On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 07:51:35PM -0500, Brad Salai wrote:
> I've just finished a clean install of FreeBSD 11 on an HP desktop that I got for free (I know that's not relevant but I'm telling everyone.)
> I got Gnome running and installed Libre Office without issues. Then I tried TeXlive as a package and Arduino as a port. Both completed successfully, but neither showed up in Gnome and I can't figure out the path to add to start them manually. Can anyone help?
> Brad
No idea about arduino, but texlive - at least in a full install -
contains a lot of different things. At a minimum, you probably want
to run one of the engines, e.g. using pdflatex on a .tex file to
create a text PDF.  For more complex PDFs (adding things for images,
or using other programs for indexing or bibliographies) you will
probably want to create a Makefile.

For a basic PDF that, you open your term of choice (gnome-terminal,
I suppose), run 'which' to see if pdflatex (or one of the other
engines, e.g. lualatex, xelatex, or even context) is on your PATH.
If it isn't, you use find or locate to see where it is, and then
add that directory to your PATH.  But I guess that installing the
package will have fixed that up.

Finally, you create your tex file in your preferred editor, and then
from your term you invoke the engine on the tex file, fix any errors
and repeat until you get a PDF, open that in your viewer (evince,
for gnome) and review, then fix any spelling or formatting errors and

So, providing it is all on your PATH, you just go in and do it.  If
you want a gui front-end, perhaps get TeXworks which appears to be a
package.  In windows versions of texlive, TeXworks is included - but
not in 'nix versions : it has additional dependencies such as Qt.

Happy TeXing.

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