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Date:      Fri, 17 Mar 1995 09:36:35 -0500 (EST)
From:      Net Knight <>
Subject:   Interesting questions..
Message-ID:  <>

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	I have FreeBSD ver2.0 and love it...  But now I want to do more 
with it.  I want to run a server that will sell internet acounts out.  
And since the price and manageability of this OS is so great I want to 
use it.
	My questions are as follows:
	1.  Can this OS run (easly) a terminal server???  One tha claimes 
to run with BSD and or SCO unix.  And will it alow eeasy connectivity 
using slip and or ppp?
	2.  There are a lot of UPS's out there on the market that work on 
unix.  The kind I want is the kind that when it detects a power loss will 
drop all users and NICEly take down the server and then power it down.  
It utilises an expantion card and software.  (ther is one for BSD and one 
for SCO)  will they work and if yes do you recommend any kind or suggest 
any specs.  The same goes with Number 1.  if you can recomend any kind 
and or specs i would be greatfull..
	Thank you...
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