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Date:      Tue, 06 Sep 2011 19:42:42 -0400
From:      Jon Radel <>
To:        Fbsd8 <>
Subject:   Re: wheel group & mkdir
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On 9/6/11 7:13 PM, Fbsd8 wrote:

> Thanks for your reply. I have a user id that is in the wheel group. I s=
> and get prompted for the user id's password after which I get returned
> to the command line. Running the script with the mkdir command embedded=

> still returns Permission Denied message. I have read the su man page to=

> no joy. Could you please explain the sequence of events to get su to wo=

Since you're the one having the issue you wish to have resolved, you=20
might want to take it upon yourself to tell us *exactly* what you're=20
typing, what the results are, and what you'd prefer to have happen=20
instead.  We can guess what you're doing when you say "I su and get=20
prompted for the user id's password after which I get returned to the=20
command line," but given the root problem is that you don't fully=20
understand the su command, it's hard to be certain what you mean by that.=

Going out on a limb, however, I'll point out that, when you're logged in =

as fred

su - fred

doesn't do much for you as you remain fred, whereas, what was meant in=20
the suggestion to you was something more along the lines of

su -

which, if you enter root's password, leaves you as root.  (Or gives you=20
a shell with root's privileges to be a bit more precise.)

But, again, I'd suggest that this would go faster if you provide what=20
you're doing and what the results are rather than what you think you're=20
doing and what you think the results mean.

To recap: Cut and paste what's actually happening, not your summary of sa=


--Jon Radel


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