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Date:      Thu, 15 May 2003 09:14:23 -0700
From:      "jeev" <>
To:        "'Jason Andresen'" <>, "'Daniel Lang'" <>
Cc:        'Kris Kennaway' <>
Subject:   RE: cvsupd
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This has nothing to with readme's, I guess he just used that as an example.


> Sure. CVSup does not delete files, it doesn't know about.
> Certainly it doesn't know anything about fart and therefore
> won't touch it. This is intended behaviour of CVSup.
> (Think about the "make readmes" nightmare, that several
>  users, including me stubled across. The README.html files
>  never get deleted and so you are stuck with dozens of
>  virtually empty and outdated port directories).

Nightmare?  I always thought of it more as a nusance.

Can't you run something like (note, I write in zsh, convert to whatever 
language you like):

cd /usr/ports
for foo ( * )
	if [[ -d $foo ]]
		cd $foo
		for bar ( * )
			if [[ -d $bar ]]
				rm $bar/README.html
				rmdir $bar
		cd ..
make readmes

You'll have to ignore a huge number of warnings about being unable to 
rmdir directories with files in them, but it seems pretty simple and 
shouldn't take too long to run on most machines.

You could also probably make this a little safer by running some checks 
to make sure you don't cd into directories you don't have permission to, 
but that's left as an exercise for the reader.

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