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Date:      Tue, 05 Nov 1996 18:06:55 -0200
From:      "Caricio Afonso Jr." <>
Subject:   Re: Q: FreeBSD install on Creative CD-ROM
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Lars K Klykken wrote:
> Hi!
> sorry if some of you find this as a lame question answered in some of
> the FAQ's or manuals (i've gone through without finding
> a solution, without luck..)
> I have just received the the FreeBSD 2.1.5 distribution from Walnut
> Creek CDROM, but I have major problems installing it. When asked what
> media to install from, I choose CDROM as I probably should, but the
> program tells me that it can't find any CDROM drive. I _have_ created a
> bootdisk, and I have looked into the UserEdit, trying to put the
> Creative-driver port to -1 (0xffffff?) Upon boot-time, it seems to
> respond that it can't find the device, and I don't have any idea how to
> proceed, and would like help on this...
> Although it's irellevant (i think) i'll specify the system details on
> this machine:
> CPU: 486/33 (yuck!)
> RAM: 20    HDD: 710MB
> Operating system: Windows 95 (yuck!)
> CD-ROM: Blaster-CD 6x PnP with ISA-controller (IDE)
> I'll greatly appreciate any assistance you may offer, as this is
> starting to get me crazy...
> --
> Lars K Klykken, Student at Otto Treider in Oslo, Norway

My friend, you have a serious problem... your f(fuck)pnp board
controler. I tryed for decades install a linux in such a device. In the
boot disk scan, it won´t find a no IRQ board. 

In my controler, there is no jumper to force the IRQ. One bad solution
is to copy all the sources to your HD and proceed the instalation from

Any clue, please e-mail me.


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