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Date:      Tue, 26 Nov 1996 18:30:24 -0500
From:      Guy Silliman <>
Subject:   tcp/ip on ethernet problem
Message-ID:  <>

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Hello again my friends... I am back to you with difficulties with my machine....

I have built a fbsd 2.1.5 machine for hooking up to a lan with a gateway to
the Inet.  The machine is an AMD 133, with 20meg rem, a generic s3 video
card, and an smc 8432bt pci ethernet card.  I am connected to the lan on
coax in to a tigerhub.  The gate is a trailblazer backed by csu/dsu in to a

Enough of this... the problem is that I can not get a reliable ping to the
gateway... I have everything setup fine with the kernel, best as I can tell,
for the card.  I am on the inet  I have the addresss .6, the
gateway is .254

The arp information is all there, however when I ping to the gateway or any
other machine on the network I get 90% loss on the ping... normally it takes
19 for the first response, then I don't see anything until I get to ping #39
or more... 

I don't think it is the cable, i have removed the segment of cable I am on,
and went to a t tap that  another machine... (running nt351) works from and
has no trouble. 

I don't know what else to try at this point... I think it is either protocol
troubles, cable troubles, or my card is in trouble.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Guy Silliman

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