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Date:      Fri, 05 May 1995 11:40:17 -0700
From:      David Greenman <davidg@Root.COM>
To:        Brian Tao <>
Subject:   Re: Heavy HTTPD serving on 2.0-950412 
Message-ID:  <199505051840.LAA04219@corbin.Root.COM>
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>    One is the "mb_map_full" problem.  I *know* I've seen this
>question before, but I didn't save it, and now I need to know how to
>increase the number of buffers (if in fact that is the problem).  I

options         "NMBCLUSTERS=1024"

This will give you twice as many buffers (or 4 times if you don't have GATEWAY
in your kernel). Double the above to 2048 if the problem persists. I use 8192
on wcarchive, which is enough for 1000 ftp users (about 2000 TCP connections).

>    As my testing continued, I ran into another problem with the
>netstat display:
>Active Internet connections
>Proto Recv-Q Send-Q  Local Address          Foreign Address        (state)
>netstat: kvm_read: kvm_read: Bad address

   Rebuild netstat; the networking structurs in the kernel have changed.


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