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Date:      Thu, 14 Sep 95 13:58 CDT
From: (Nik Malenovic)
Subject:   Re: More PPP questions.
Message-ID:  <>
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In article <> you write:
>When I run ppp -direct on a ttyline, this is what I get:
>can't find ifindex
>open_tun: No such file or directory 

blah. this is a problem I reported way back - and no one even blinked.
I have sl0-7, ppp0-7, tun0-7, bpf0-7 and a few other devices. the problem
is that ppp is probing with a buffer that can hold like 32/4 = 8 devices.
so if you have more then 8 devices configured, you are... errr... screwed?

>authentication [i.e. FORCE them to use a single IP address after they 
>login no matter what]? And how do I get around the open_tun error?

yeah, check the archives - there was a cute little script for creating
dynamic ppp server (allocating static IP # according to the tty they log
in through). in either case, check
and you will find my version of dynamic pppd server as well as ppp patch
to get around the ifindex problem.


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