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Date:      Thu, 14 Sep 1995 12:03:53 -0700
From:      Scott Blachowicz <>
To:        Julian Elischer <>,
Subject:   Re: Disk corruption problems in 2.0.5R (CDROM)? 
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Scott Blachowicz <> wrote:
> Well, I'd been getting those messages from FreeBSD boot sequence from 
> mountmsdosfs about not being a multiple of the clustersize, so I was thinking
> of using FIPS to drop the size back down to a multiple of 32K.

Except that...with a BIOS C/H/S of 524/64/63 and FIPS dealing with cylinder 
boundaries, I probably can't get the partition to a multiple of 32K on this 
disc (least common multiple of 32K and that 63 = 32K * 63 = 2064384 which 
won't work so hot on a 1Gb disk). Or did I miss something in that reasoning 

So, it seems that I am back to this being a problem in the msdos file system 
code. I completely reinstalled 2.0.5 from CD again (including newfs'ing all 
the relevant partitions and not mounting any DOS discs). It seemed to work 
fine for a while. Then I mounted my C: drive (wd0s1) read-only and did a 
'find' command down it...

	% mkdir /c
	% mount -r -t msdos /dev/wd0s1 /c
	% find /c -xdev -print

The find command gave me various results when I ran it different times...

	find: /c/msoffice/?????????.???: No such file or directory

complaining about garbage filenames. Shortly after that, I did

	% ls /sbin
	ls: /sbin: Bad file descriptor

and got messages like this:

	......... syslogd: /var/run/tmp: not a directory

I threw a 3 finger salute at the keyboard and got this:

	/: bad dir ino 2 offset 0: mangled entry
	panic: bad dir
	Syncing...1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 
	[at this point I hit the reset button, but I don't remember if the
	syncing stopped or not]

Any clues on how to get a useable 'msdos' file system setup?

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