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Date:      Tue, 06 Sep 2011 20:19:51 -0400
From:      Fbsd8 <>
To:        Beech Rintoul <>
Subject:   Re: wheel group & mkdir
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Beech Rintoul wrote:
> On Tuesday 06 September 2011 15:13:48 Fbsd8 wrote:
>> Matthew Seaman wrote:
>>> On 06/09/2011 16:49, Fbsd8 wrote:
>>>> I have a user that belongs to the wheel group but when the user tries to
>>>> issue mkdir command it gets a permission denied error.
>>>> How do I fix this?
>>> Make the directory that contains where your user is trying to create a
>>> new subdirectory writable by group wheel.  Either that, or teach your
>>> user to use su(1) or sudo(1) so they can mkdir as root.  (Adding users
>>> to group wheel so they are permitted to run su(1) is a BSD-ism, and is
>>> the usual reason for adding anyone to wheel.)
>>> 	Cheers,
>>> 	Matthew
>> Matthew
>> 	Thanks for your reply. I have a user id that is in the wheel group. I
>> su and get prompted for the user id's password after which I get
>> returned to the command line. Running the script with the mkdir command
>> embedded still returns Permission Denied message. I have read the su man
>> page to no joy. Could you please explain the sequence of events to get
>> su to work.
> user# su
> Pass: root password
> root#
> Beech

Thank you Beech.
I was entering the password of the user.
When I entered root's password the script containing mkdir worked.

One remaining question. Is there any time limit on having root access?
I mean will root access remain until the user exits?

Thanks again

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