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Date:      Fri, 17 Mar 95 12:11:45 CST
From:      Aaron Harcrow <>
Subject:   CDROM configuration
Message-ID:  <>

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Hi, FreeBSD folks, I have reached an impasse while installing FreeBSD 2.0
from the Walnut Creek CDROM. I have installed the basic kernel and can boot
from it, but the kernel does not find my CDROM drive. This drive is a rather
obscure one : a Genstar 2000 by Genesis Integrated Systems. The interface card 
is probably proprietary but is ISO 9660 compliant. Under DOS, I use
the MSCDEX device driver and everthing responds normally; that's how I built the
boot and cpio floppies. When booting FreeBSD, dmesg says :
	mcd0: timeout getting status
	mcd0 not found at 0x300
If I boot with kernel -c, I change the IRQ, DRQ port address to those specified 
on the controller card, but still the kernel does not find the device. The 
questions specifically are :
1. What am I doing wrong
2. Is the controller card not compatible?
3. Can I replace the controller card and keep the CDROM? If so, what is rocommended?
4. Once I have freeBSD booted, is there some way to probe the system or try to
attach the CDROM? lsdev does not provide any additional information.

I even tried copying files from the CDROM to my floppy tape drive in order to
continue the installation from the tape drive, but am thwarted here also. The
message I get is :
	Incorrect volume inserted. This tape is
	"       " date of format....
	Insert ftfilt volume 01 and press enter.
What does this mean? What is ftfilt? Can I override the volume title check?
I am eager to get FreeBSD installed to a useful state, but cannot continue
without your help. Thanks in advance,

Aaron Harcrow

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