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Date:      Sun, 4 Mar 2012 21:04:43 +0400
From:      Peter Vereshagin <>
Subject:   Re: lighttpd + php + external mssql server
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2012/03/03 00:32:40 +0000 Graeme Dargie <> => To '' :
GD> I am just looking for some advice or hints if anyone has a clue how to make a FreeBSD server running lighttpd + php5 connect to an instance of MS SQL 2008 R2.
GD> I have already installed php-extensions for mssql but when I try and run a connection from the FreeBSD server it gives a http 500
GD> The error log has this
GD> 2012-03-02 18:20:09: (mod_fastcgi.c.2699) FastCGI-stderr: PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function mssql_connect() in /usr/local/www/data/
GD> Php -m shows mssql as installed.

1) Command-line php and fastcgi php are able to have a different set of
extensions. Look at the phpinfo() output from your fastcgi if it has an mssql

2) You may want to try an ODBTP extension for mssql connectivity which supports
mssql features like 'go' clause batch runs and scroll cursors with fetching
from them on the contrast to the 'traditional' dblib-based mssql php extension.

Peter Vereshagin <> ( pgp: A0E26627 

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