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Date:      6 Dec 1995 07:47:15 -0000
From:      Geraint A Edwards <>
To:        FreeBSD questions list <>
Subject:   [] SLIP+Ascend modem don't mix
Message-ID:  <4a3hq3$>

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My ISP has some Ascend modems - known to have buggy CSLIP support.
I have FreeBSD and use SLIP (not CSLIP, to my knowledge) to
connect.  I'm using a Courier V.34, BTW.

When I connect to my ISP using the non-Ascend modems, all is well.
But, when an Ascend modem answers, the line becomes 'frozen' about ten
seconds after I "slattach -h -c -s 57600 /dev/modem".

I don't think I'm using CSLIP - how do I check this?
  (is it the slattach -c flag??)
Can I debug my SLIP connection (to see what's happening)?  How?

Any pointers appreciated.  I'm wasting money having to redial until
I get a non-Ascend modem.  Five pence a shot!  :-)

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