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Date:      Thu, 04 Jul 2019 07:23:27 -0400
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Subject:   New Speakers Announced!
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WHY SPORTS 2019 CONFERENCE=0A=0AThe Royal Society of Medicine, London=0A=0A=
18th September 2019=0A=0A=EF=BB=BF=0A=0ANEW SPEAKERS ANNOUNCED!=0A=0AOn the=
 18th September 2019 at The Royal Society of Medicine, Sport England=0AExec=
utive Directors will host a number of interactive workshops designed to=0Ai=
mprove your knowledge, skills and understanding across a number of core=0At=
opics.=0A=0AHelping More Women and Girls to Become Active=0A* What we are l=
earning from the This Girl Can Campaign=0A* Our wider work to drive up the =
number of women and girls taking part in=0Asport and physical activity=0A=
=0ALisa O'Keefe. Director of Insight, Sport England=0A=0ASupporting those w=
ith Long Term Conditions to be Active=0A* Challenging the status quo=0A=0AM=
ike Diaper. Executive Director Children, Young People and Tackling=0AInacti=
vity, Sport England=0A=0AMissing In Action=0A* Closing the social-economic =
gap in youth social action through sport=0A=0AJenny Betteridge. Strategic L=
ead Volunteering, Sport England=0A=0ASince early 2016 the Sporting Future a=
nd Towards an Active Nation=0Astrategies have served as a catalyst to incre=
ase activity across the UK.=0A=0ABoth documents called for the sector to im=
mediately re-evaluate its=0Aapproach, commitment and direction, in order to=
 reverse the alarming trend=0Aof inactivity.=0A=0ASince their conception, t=
he sector has started to transform, innovate and=0Acollaborate in new ways =
to meet the needs of our communities. This is not=0Awithout challenge and i=
s a continuous process, with lessons being learned=0Aand shared to improve =
the whole system.=0A=0AAt the much anticipated Why Sports 2019 Conference w=
e will seek to pull all=0Aaspects of current policy delivery together for a=
 thought provoking day of=0Adebate, networking and collaboration.=0A=0AThro=
ughout the day there will be a number of opportunities to increase=0Aknowle=
dge and take part in Sport England led Workshops, engage with sector=0Aexpe=
rts and develop unique business relationships with a number of=0Acommitted =
commercial partners.=0A=0A[1]CLICK FOR CONFERENCE AGENDA=0A=0A[2]CONFIRMED =
SPEAKERS=0A=0ATim Hollingsowth=0A=0ACEO=0A=0ASport England=0A=0ATara Dillon=
=0A=0ACEO=0A=0ACIMSPA=0A=0AArun Kang=0A=0ACEO=0A=0ASporting Equals=0A=0A[3]=
ctor =C2=A3225=0A=0A3rd Sector =C2=A3175=0A=0APrivate Sector =C2=A3395=0A=
=0ADiscount available for multiple bookings=0A=0AFor more information call =
+44(0)161 464 8688=0A=0A[4]HEADLINE SPONSOR=0A=0AMotiview was developed in =
cooperation with the Department for Senior Care=0Ain the City of Bergen (20=
12-2013). The main target groups are older people=0Aand people with dementi=
a within public and private healthcare. This=0Aincludes care homes, adult d=
ay care centres, senior community centres, home=0Acare services and rehabil=
itation.=0A=0AMotitech is present in the Nordic countries, North America an=
d the United=0AKingdom. The constantly growing video library (over 1500 vid=
eos) helps to=0Abring memories back to life through sensory impression and =
further inspires=0Ato physical activity.=0A=0A[5]Click for website=0A=0A[6]=
COMMERCIAL PARTNERS=0A=0A[7]=0A=0A[8]=0A=0A[9]=0A=0A[10]=0A=0A[11]=0A=0A[12=
]=0A=0A[13]=0A=0A[14]=0A=0AWhy Sports Blog Site=0A=0ASTA Launch All New Inc=
lusive Pool Lifeguard Qualification.=0A=0AFollowing a long consultation wit=
h industry leisure groups, STA has=0Alaunched a new, CIMSPA-endorsed level =
2 pool lifeguarding qualification=0Awhich for the first time aligns lifegua=
rd and First Aid at Work=0Arevalidations.=0A=0A[15]Read More=0A=0AWhy Sport=
s are asking for contributions from our community for our blog=0Asite. If y=
ou have an inspiring case study or a story to tell that has=0Aincreased act=
ivity , please do not hesitate to get in touch.=0A=0A[16]Contact us=0A=0A[1=
7]TAKE ME TO THE WHY SPORTS BLOG SITE=0A=0AFollow us on social media for mo=
re info & updates=0A[18]Twitter [19]LinkedIn [20]YouTube=0A=0A[21]=0A=0ARef=
. https:=
// https://motit=
orts-agenda=0A7. https://www.fitforsport.c= https://www.freestylep= h=
m=3Dez facility&gclid=3DCj0KCQjwuLPnBRDjARIsACDzGL0OEGktg6hTPc2BHXwxEHkzYDm=
post/sta-launches-a-new-all-inclusive-pool-lifeguarding-qualification=0A16.= am interested in supplying informa=
tion for the Why Sports Blog Site=0A17. h=
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