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Date:      Fri, 17 Mar 95 11:16:47 MST
From: (Terry Lambert)
To: (Ugen J.S.Antsilevich)
Subject:   Re: Frame Relay..
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Ugen J.S.Antsilevich" at Mar 17, 95 01:58:04 pm

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> Kinda follow-up..
> Frame Relay demands synchronous serial ports..Is there outside
> any commercial available synchronous serial card???

The AppleTalk and TOPS networking software for PCs uses Zilog
UARTS like those found in Sun serial ports.  These are capable of
doing sync I/O and some can be had for quite cheap.

Novell has the NE3200, which is what they recommend for their Frame
Relay soloution (and what we were using at the Sandy Office,
after using employee discount for NetWare server and MultiProtocol
Router NLM software).

You probably can't get employee discounts.  8-|

					Terry Lambert
Any opinions in this posting are my own and not those of my present
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