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Date:      Fri, 17 Dec 1999 23:26:41 +1100
From:      death <>
To:        "Cliff Rowley" <>
Cc:        <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   RE: DFE-530TX NIC - fast receive, slow send
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At 12:13 PM 17/12/1999 +0000, Cliff Rowley wrote:
>This is the *exact* same problem I have been having with both a NetGear
>FA310TX, and a LinkSys LNE100TX.  Same situation, Windows <--> FreeBSD, same
>low speed from freebsd out - 500k/s.
>This is definately worth looking into.  I had put it down to lousy drivers
>(pn and mx written by the same author - no offence), but now that's vr too,
>I'm beginning to doubt it.

I'm not. :P My DFE-530TX in windows to my friends Intel PRO/100+ Management 
adapter in windows gets 2.5MB/s. Pretty lousy for 100Mbps - but there's 
something strange going on with his cards, the most he can get to FreeBSD 
is 1.8MB/s.

Not saying that it's necessarilly a FreeBSD problem. It could be Windows' 
fault. And it might not be due to drivers either. Guess one way to tell is 
to get both machines running FreeBSD, or both running Windows. I might try 
that real soon when i get the time.

>I have since replaced my LinkSys in my FreeBSD box with a 3c905C, and my
>problems have gone away, *but* I do get a hell of a lot of collisions from
>Windows to FreeBSD now (which possibly means the NetGear card is crap, which
>is in the Windows box).

I only got my cards a few days ago. :P I'm not in a position to switch 
quite yet.. I'm pretty broke too. ;P

>I am going to order another 3c905 for the Windows today, and see how I go.
>I will keep the FA310TX, however, as I am thinking of hacking up the driver.
>If you find any solutions/answers, please please please let me know :)
>p.s.  If this mail doesnt make it to the list, could you forward it for me?
>I am forever having trouble posting to it :)  Thanks.

It made it. ;)


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