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Date:      Fri, 23 Jan 2009 13:01:07 -0500
From:      Chuck Robey <>
To:        Peter Boosten <>
Cc:        Brian McQueen <>,
Subject:   Re: jdk16
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Peter Boosten wrote:
> Peter Boosten wrote:
>> Brian McQueen wrote:
>>> I can't seem to find the files listed in the jdk16 port.  What are
>>> folks doing to get java going?  The urls listed in the port are not
>>> right, so the manual download step does not work.
>> I use this one:
>> ra% pkg_info -o diablo-jdk-
>> Information for diablo-jdk-
>> Origin:
>> java/diablo-jdk16
> Ah, and to complete your question: just start make all install clean (or
>  portinstall diablo-jdk16 or whatever) and the install process will show
> you the right download locations.
> Peter

I've had incredibly solid experiences with the jdk1.6.0 port (it's the Sun one),
this one builds from scratch, needs no nursemaiding, and works EXTREMELY well
with the latest eclipse port.  I use the vi-plugin with eclipse (it's shareware,
you need to pay them about $18) and I swear, even the the vi-compatibility isn't
perfect, it's certainly serviceable.  More than that the guy who runs the vi
plugin actively tried to fix bugs.

With something like that available, I wouldn't personally even consider any of
the other java attempts.

I've got the source tars needed to build jdk1.6.0.  I'm utterly incapable of
figuring out the lawyerese about the legality of my giving anyone the sources.
If anyone who I know & trust on this list tells me it's ok, I would do whatever
was legal to help out, because the combination of the jdk1.6.0, eclipse-devel,
and the viplugin, it's a java environment to die for.

I've lately been playing a bit with torrent, might be willing to give that a try
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