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Date:      Thu, 8 Aug 2013 00:21:57 +0800 (SGT)
From:      Quark <>
To:        aurfalien <>, Mike Jeays <>
Cc:        "" <>, "" <>
Subject:   Re: learn
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=0A=0A=0A=0A=0A>________________________________=0A> From: aurfalien <aurfa=>=0A>To: Mike Jeays <> =0A>Cc: mexas@bri=; =0A>Sent: Thursday, 1 August 2013 9:=
25 PM=0A>Subject: Re: learn=0A> =0A>=0A>=0A>On Aug 1, 2013, at 8:31 AM, Mik=
e Jeays wrote:=0A>=0A>> On Thu, 1 Aug 2013 14:21:34 +0100 (BST)=0A>> Anton =
Shterenlikht <> wrote:=0A>> =0A>>>> Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2013 1=
4:29:25 +0200=0A>>>> From: herbert langhans <>=0A>>>> To:=>>>> Subject: Re: learn=0A>>> =0A>>>> The =
handbook is a monster, even technically interested people get lost=0A>>>> t=
here. You know that, corebug.=0A>>> =0A>>> I completely disagree.=0A>>> =0A=
>>> The handbook is of excellent quality for a volunteer project.=0A>>> In =
particular, it is far ahead of any linux documentation=0A>>> effort I've se=
en. Indeed, it was the handbook that made me=0A>>> start using FreeBSD in t=
he first place. In about 2003 I tried=0A>>> several linux distros, and got =
completely lost. The available=0A>>> documentation for linux, at least at t=
hat time, was not designed=0A>>> for a novice, certainly not at my level. I=
n contrast, the=0A>>> FreeBSD handbook was very clear and allowed me to ins=
tall=0A>>> and start using FreeBSD quickly and easily. This was version 4.9=
.=0A>>> =0A>>> Since then the quality of the handbook improved a lot.=0A>>>=
 The handbook is certantly the first FreeBSD resource=0A>>> I would recomme=
nd to a FreeBSD novice.=0A>>> =0A>>> Anton=0A>>> __________________________=
_____________________=0A>>> mailing list=0A>>=
>>>>; To unsu=
bscribe, send any mail to ""=0A>> =
=0A>> Agreed - the handbook has been a great resource since I started using=
 FreeBSD in 1997,=0A>> at version 2.2.something.=0A>> =0A>> Greg Lehey's bo=
ok "The Complete FreeBSD" is also excellent, and available as a free=0A>> d=
ownload - although I am sure he would appreciate contributions or purchases=
.=0A>> =0A>>>=0A>I sugges=
t downloading the USB image, combine that with Googling and bayam, off you =
go.=0A>=0A>Of course, supplement with RTFMing which should always be at you=
r side and all will be well.=0A>=0A>And lastly, having membership on this f=
ine list is key.=A0 The FreeBSD community is indeed grand.=0A>=0A>Hell, I m=
ay even get a hoody from the store :)=0A=0Ahey, where are the hoodies??? I =
found for mozilla & openSUSE on their respective sites very good looking ho=
odies, but nor FreeBSD=0AI won't hesitate to order one for reasonable price=
 of 20-30 USD=0A=0A=0A>=0A>- aurf=0A>______________________________________=
_________=0A> mailing list=0A>http://lists.fre=>To unsubscribe, send any mai=
l to ""=0A>=0A>=0A>

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