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Date:       Sat, 18 Feb 1995 16:12:00 -0500 
From:      "bo (b.) xiao" <>
Cc:        "barry (b.) scott" <>,
Subject:    Re: New sendmail in 0210SNAP? 
Message-ID:   <"3465 Sat Feb 18 16:12:13 1995"> 

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In message "Re: New sendmail in 0210SNAP?", 
'' writes:

>No, no changes to sendmail i am aware of.What may produce this error 
>is an error in the libc that may be in the 0210 snapshot. Not sure about it.
>If you have enough space and the source loaded, look into lib/libc/gen/getcwd.c.
>If this uses something like a getenv("PWD") somewhere in the code, try to get
>a newer version of this file and replace that in the library.

Thank rkw@dataplex who made a new libc and sendmail from
-current. I tried it but unfortunately, the problem did
not go away. Since the libc and is such a globally
needed library, I suspect it is not safe to simply replace
them and compile sendmail and pray for the world peace. I
might want to go back to 0202SNAP if I can find it. Or even
2.0-RELEASE? When is next snap shot?


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