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Date:      Fri, 10 Feb 95 16:17:47 PST
Subject:   Hardware configuration
Message-ID:  <>

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I've been asked to set up a PD Unix on the following machine:

  NCR PC 486 / MC (micro channel?) 33mhz
  Black Box Connex 10bt ethernet card

Unfortunately that is all the information I have about the machine.
The boobs who own the machine are about as computer savy as a dead
opossum covered with maggots on the side of a road.  You know, the
type that are still looking for the "Any" key on the keyboard.  ;-)
Anyways, I don't have access to the hardware, and I need to find out
if their gear will be able to run FreeBSD before driving a few hundred
miles to help them install it.

I would really rather put FreeBSD 2.0 than something like Linux on
it since... well, it's so much better than Linux...  :)  Does anyone
know if it (FreeBSD 2.0) will support this hardware (the ether card
in particular)?

Thanks in advance for any info, and please either reply directly to
me, or at least cc your reply to me since I'm not on this mailing list.


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