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Date:      Tue, 19 Dec 2000 15:43:11 -0800
From:      Mike Smith <>
Subject:   Re: Workaround for boot problems 
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> I have a Mylex DAC960PL card on which FreeBSD 4.2 Release did not boot. I
> checked the "Trouble.txt" file for suggestion to fix the problem. The advise
> did not help.

Which advice in particular?  I assume that you already had the adapter 
set to 2GB mode?

You should also have verified that the drive geometry detected by 
sysinstall was correct (???/128/32); I suspect in your case that this was 
the problem.

> I don't know why but I assume the incorrect drive geometry is detected by
> the FDISK editor.

That's correct; if there's garbage on the disk, or just bad geometry 
information, sysinstall gets it wrong.

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