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Date:      Thu, 14 Sep 95 15:25:58 MDT
Subject: subject...
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  To:    FreeBSD 2.0 GURU(S)
From:    Darryl Ruzicka
  RE:    Compatibility issues with FreeBSD 2.0 as released by
         Walnut Creek.

I am building a computer and would like to know if it will be
possible to run FreeBSD 2.0 on it. Is there a new release
comming out soon?

Can FreeBSD utilize all of the following hardware? If not what
are my options? In particular I am concerned about my CD-ROM
drive and the second port on the EIDE controller for the extra
two drives. Can FreeBSD handle the larger 1.6 Gig. EIDE hard

AMD 486DX4 100Mhz Microprocessor PCI/ISA BUS motherboard 256k
cache and 8 meg. of RAM.

EIDE drive controller built into the motherboard on the PCI BUS.
Has channels for 4 hard drives 2 floppys.

TEAC QUAD speed CD-ROM with proprietary interface on ISA BUS.

Thanks for any help you can provide Darryl...

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