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Date:      Wed, 03 Jan 96 15:41:00 PST
From:      Mark Graves <>
To:        "''" <>
Subject:   Stupid X11R6 Question
Message-ID:  <>

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Sorry, it's that old Linux user again...

When running X Windows with a Logitech 3 button mouse, I can't seem to   
move the windows.  On my old system when I place the X cursor on the edge   
of the window, it would allow me to click and drag the Window to another   
location on the screen.  How do I do this with the X Windows released   
with FreeBSD?

For example, if i enter "xclock &" on the xconsole screen, xclock plops   
down right on top of it.  I would like to move it to the corner of the   

Also, I'm used to right-clicking on the screen and getting an options   
menu.  Was I running a different X Windows interface?  Any suggestions?

Mark Graves
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists  

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