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Date:      Thu, 12 Oct 1995 08:25:12 -0400
From:      Thomas David Rivers <ponds!>
Subject:   Re: Dropping off mailing lists
Message-ID:  <199510121225.IAA05949@lakes>

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> Hi,
> Twice in the last month my mail from the FreeBSD lists has mysteriously
> dried up.  After checking with majordomo I find that I am not subscribed
> to any of the lists...
> Is anyone else suffering from this?
> John

 I suffer from this every-now-and-then, but it is always associated 
with a mail problem between me an  When mail bounces back
to Majordomo; it removes you from the mailing list to prevent a 
mail flood.

 So, if you have a problem with an intermediate site bouncing mail,
you'll experience this.

 You just need to be aware that it's happened, and get back on the lists
when your mail is working again.

 	- Dave Rivers -

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