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Date:      Wed, 22 Mar 2017 21:21:04 -0400
From:      "Jason Tan" <>
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Subject:   <ADV> First Time In Singapore - Virtual Reality And Experiential Marketing
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Eminence Events


>From The UK, A One Day Virtual Reality And

Experiential Marketing Workshop

APRIL 19th, Wednesday

Direct from the UK, Eminence Events presents Singapore=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=99s f=
experiential and virtual reality Masterclass.  This award-winning
masterclass presented by [1]BEcause Experiential Marketing will showcase an
international array of the most exciting, and effective experiential
marketing campaigns and event activations for consumer brands.

Brimming with insights tailored specifically for brand owners, this
masterclass offers you a [2]hands-on virtual reality (VR)
experience, allowing you to try out the latest and most cutting-edge VR

What's in it for me?
* Be inspired by the most disruptive campaigns from around the world
* Learn different experiential strategies and techniques
* Discover how to integrate experiential into your marketing mix
* Learn how to plan and execute a truly great activation
* Understand how to activate and measure/evaluate your campaign

$980 per person ($588 after PIC grant)

Early Bird Before 31 March 2017

$780 per person ($468 after PIC  grant)

[3]19 APRIL, Wednesday from 10am to 5pm

Includes lunch, 2 tea breaks, technology trials sets, notes
and complimentary Augmented Reality (AR) headgear.



Group discounts apply, please contact us at +65 6532 5127 or email us
at [5]

This full day masterclass allows participants to get up close and personal
with great marketing and event ideas by leading global brands.  It will
also give you the chance to experience the power of virtual reality that is
revolutionising the channel. This is the first time that the award-winning
UK group will be in Singapore to showcase experiential marketing for the

For one day only, get firsthand knowledge and experience for yourselves
what the next wave of brand activations in Asia will be like.

You will learn about:

1. Rave vs revenue campaigns

2. 7 types of experiential strategies and techniques

3. Building blocks of great activations

4. What is true experiential

5. Available Virtual Reality tools and technologies

6. Putting together your own experiential campaign: processes, costs,

7. Measurement matrices to calculate ROI Evaluation and analyses

8. New strategies to derive more from your marketing spend

Agenda For The Day:

10:00am to 10:30am Introduction to experiential marketing
10:30am to 11:30am What are rave and revenue campaigns?
11:30am to 11:45am Break
11:45am to 01:00pm Virtual reality and augmented reality
01:00pm to 02:00pm Lunch and opportunity to try out virtual reality
02:00pm to 03:00pm 7 types of experiential strategies and techniques
03:00pm to 03:15pm Break
03:15pm to 04:00pm Building blocks of great activations
04:00pm to 04:45pm Measurement and evaluation
04:45pm to 05:00pm Q&A

About the trainer:

Joss Davidge

Innovations Director, BEcause Experiential Marketing

Joss spent more than 20 years as a client-side marketer working  with some
very well-known brands, including Unilever, Kraft Foods and Kohler Mira,
before deciding to take his experience to the agency world and join
BEcause. His role was primarily focused on building the value of large FMCG


The introduction of digital TV, the internet, social media and mobile
marketing made a very exciting time to be in the UK marketing world. Joss
also spent considerable time working within sales, shopper marketing/trade
marketing over this period, which enabled him to understand the important
role that customers (as opposed to consumers or purchasers) play in helping
to achieve brands objectives.

This combined experience has proven invaluable in the exciting world of
experiential marketing. Being able to consider brand challenges from the
strategic long-term and customer-centric short-terms perspectives ensure
that the brand experience campaigns meet the growth deliverables, whilst
being realistic and achievable in the real world. The world of experiential
marketing is truly an exciting one, where almost anything is possible. The
opportunities for creativity are boundless and the direct face-to-face
activation with consumers ensures that campaigns engage at a very powerful,
personal level.

Joss has spent the past 6 years working on numerous household name brands
in various sectors - such as Heineken, British Gas, Hive, General Mills,
WWF, Qatar Airways and Continental among many others. He is responsible for
marketing, strategy, planning and business development at one of the UK=C3=
leading experiential marketing agencies, BEcause Experiential Marketing.
The mantra is =C3=A2=C2=80=C2=9CGetting people talking=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=9D th=
rough the unique combination
of live activation, promotion and social media/ mobile amplification.


=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=A2    Experiential and live events =C3=A2=C2=80=C2=A8[6]

=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=A2    Integrated marketing campaigns =C3=A2=C2=80=C2=A8

=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=A2    Sampling/ leafleting/ data capture =C3=A2=C2=80=C2=A8

=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=A2    Guerrilla marketing =C3=A2=C2=80=C2=A8

=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=A2   Shopper marketing and promotions



=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=9CGood to see what=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=99s coming up in the futu=
re for live events and how we
can use it to enhance customer experience =C3=A2=C2=80=C2=93 great to see
breaking-the-mold ideas for using VR & AR.=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=9D - Global Marke=
ting, Merlin

=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=9CThe masterclass offered a great presentation, impressive =
case studies
and real food for thought. I was particularly inspired with how social now
runs through everything and how you marry the real experience with the
digital.=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=9D - Senior Manager, American Express

=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=9CThank you for a great class. Definitely worth attending a=
nd gave us a
lot to think about.=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=9D - Head of Events and Senior Advisor, =

=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=9CA huge thanks from team Maxxium for your insightful and i=
masterclass. I=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=99ve had three people say it=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=
=99s the best lunch and learn
session yet - and we are a hard bunch to please!=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=9D - Market=
ing Controller,

=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=9CThank you so much for last week. The session has been rea=
lly positively
received in the business and people have been asking if there will be
another session which is great!=C3=A2=C2=80=C2=9D - Brand Manager, British =

Past Attendees

Terms and Conditions:

Tickets sold are non-refundable. Should the class be cancelled by the
organiser due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be made to

There will be no ticket sales at the door. All participants must
pre-register before attending the Masterclass.  Registrations will close on
18 April 2017, 2359.

Supporting Partner

About Eminence Events

Eminence Events specialises in the retail brand industry because we
understand the need for first-rate events to impress in this vibrant and
buzzing sectors. As part of the ENCE team of marketing professionals, we
proudly profess that we are able to integrate marketing knowhow with
efficient events management and we are able to sure that your event
presents your brand holistically in the right manner to the right audience.

When your clients enter an Eminence-engaged event, it is our aim to deepen
their relationship with your brand through the experience of the event.

ENCE is a KPI-driven marketing agency group that puts our assurance on
every marketing dollar you spend.  Using Measurable Marketing Matrices (m3)
and our Marketing for Return^TM  frameworks, you'll get results or your
money back, guaranteed.

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