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Date:      Sun, 26 Feb 2012 18:46:53 +0100
From:      Polytropon <>
To:        Jerome Herman <>
Subject:   Re: Installing Samsung CLX-2160 color laser printer on USB using CUPS
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On Sun, 26 Feb 2012 02:42:08 +0100, Jerome Herman wrote:
> You did nothing wrong, on the contrary. You now have a prefectly working 
> printer. You just need to tell cups it exists.
> Since
>   	# foo2qpdl-wrapper -p 2 -c>  cupstest.xqx
> 	# cat cupstest.xqx>  /dev/ulpt0
> works, you should be able to create a new printer using a direct device.
> So go on as if you wanted to create a network printer, choose 
> HPJetDirect (for example) when asked about the connection. Then when you 
> have to input the uri remove the socket:// and type usb:///dev/ulpt0. 
> (Yes triple / before dev)
> The you can process as usual for name, options and PPD.
> If it doesn't work try parallel:///dev/ulpt0

Interesting approach. Fully "unimaginable" from the CUPS
"guide to things" (i. e. how normal users _assume_ things
should be done!), but interesting. I'll try that.

The option to enter such kind of data ("parallel://" and
"usb://" isn't mentioned):

Add Printer

Connection: _________________________________






            See "Network Printers" for the correct URI to use with your print

            [ Continue ]

See? Nothing for parallel or USB to enter manually.

It's like going to a car salesman, buying a car, but before
driving home from his yard, quickly exchanging the car you
bought for the car you initially wanted. :-)

> Normally one should work.

Today, I tried to add the printer again. Unlike yesterday,
it got detected! (Note: System shut down during night.)
It also accepts print jobs, but they are stuck somewhere.

	% lpq -PSamsung_CLX-216x_Series
	Samsung_CLX-216x_Series is ready
	Rank    Owner   Job     File(s)        Total Size
	1st     poly    202     Unbenannt1     7563264 bytes

This is from an OpenOffice session. The printer doesn't
print anything. No action.

> Basically in cups choosing "network connection" allows you to input any 
> URI  you want, including file and raw (now defunct I think - it was 
> mainly for debug anyway).

Why haven't the CUPS people thought of a kind of "know what
you want mode" where you can simply enter what you think is
correct, no matter if any auto-detection magic did work (or

> I never tried this specific printer, but this trick worked well on a few 
> HP and Canon.

> Tell us how it went.

I tried both of your suggestions for specifying the connection
and chose the PPD file for the printer CLX-216xsplc.ppd (size
12208 bytes). Jobs get queued, printer "is ready", but no
action on the printer.

However, when I issue a command like this:

	% foo2qpdl-wrapper -p 2 -c /tmp/ > /dev/ulpt0
	pcache: unable to open '/home/poly/.ghostscript/cache/gs_cache'
	pcache: unable to open '/home/poly/.ghostscript/cache/gs_cache'
	pcache: unable to open '/home/poly/.ghostscript/cache/gs_cache'
	pcache: unable to open '/home/poly/.ghostscript/cache/gs_cache'

The printer works. The result is _very_ dark. But hey, it's
stupid commodity hardware, and RGB and CMY are "a little bit"
different, and nothing of the cheap crap is calibrated. :-)

In the system log, I get those:

	ugen1.5: <Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.> at usbus1
	ulpt0: <Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. CLX-216x Series,
		class 0/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 5> on usbus1
	ulpt0: using bi-directional mode
	ulpt0: output error
	ulpt0: output error
	ulpt0: output error
	ulpt0: output error

Unlike yesterday, the printer now is on ugen1.5. I'll have to play
with the permissions a bit, maybe that's the reason why nothing
can be printed, even though the changes I made for device permissions
should cover all imaginable cases - all devices /dev/usb/* now
are root:cups with crwxrwx--- permissions, the /dev/u(n)lpt0
devices are also root:cups with crw-rw---- permissions.

Really, I _need_ to dump CUPS relapse to _standard_ system tools
that seem to be easily capable of what the web-driven autodetected
elastic-legged program magic of CUPS can't. :-)

Magdeburg, Germany
Happy FreeBSD user since 4.0
Andra moi ennepe, Mousa, ...

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