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Date:      Thu, 25 Apr 2013 13:58:17 -0700 (PDT)
From:      Bill Tillman <>
To:        questions FreeBSD <>
Subject:   Re: Diskless question
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=0A=0A =0A=0A________________________________=0A From: Arthur Chance <freeb=>=0ATo: Bernt Hansson <> =0ACc: questions =
FreeBSD <> =0ASent: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 =
9:52 AM=0ASubject: Re: Diskless question=0A  =0AOn 04/24/13 13:45, Bernt Ha=
nsson wrote:=0A>=0A>=0A> 2013-04-24 13:21, Arthur Chance skrev:=0A>> On 04/=
24/13 11:55, Bernt Hansson wrote:=0A>>> 2013-04-24 12:30, Arthur Chance skr=
ev:=0A>>>> On 04/24/13 09:18, Bernt Hansson wrote:=0A>>>>> Hello list!=0A>>=
>>>=0A>>>>> I have set up a diskless machine with 8.3-stable and i as a use=
r can=0A>>>>> log=0A>>>>> in, but when I try to log in as root it won't wor=
k. How to resolv that=0A>>>>> issue. I have tried with and without password=
 but the computer said=0A>>>>> no.=0A=0A>>>>=0A>>>> How did it say no? What=
 does the entry for root in /etc/passwd say?=0A>>>=0A>>> $su=0A>>> Sorry=0A=
>>>=0A>>> root:*:0:0:Charlie &:/root:/bin/csh=0A>>=0A>>=0A>> That's not log=
ging in directly as root, that's using su as a normal=0A>> user. Only membe=
rs of wheel group can use su. Try logging in directly on=0A>> the console a=
s root. That should work unless you've marked the console=0A>> as insecure =
or have an "impossible" password in /etc/master.passwd.=0A>=0A> I am a memb=
er of the wheel group.=0A=0ACurious, I would have expected the su to work. =
Time for a quick look at =0Athe source.=0A=0A>> In the long run you need to=
 add your normal user to wheel group so you=0A>> can use su. Can you edit t=
he diskless machine's /etc/group from the=0A>> server that's supplying its =
disk(s)? In the days when I ran diskless=0A>> systems I usually found it ea=
sier to work on the diskless systems'=0A>> config files via the server.=0A>=
>=0A> I have tried and my own password is easily changed via the server.=0A=
>=0A> if i try, on the diskless,=0A>=0A> Login: root=0A> Password: password=
 or none=0A>=0A> Login incorrect=0A=0AAs I mentioned in another post, have =
you got a valid looking password =0Afield in /etc/master.passwd or just a '=
*'? Valid fields tend to look =0Asomething like $2a$04$<XXX> or $6$<XXX> wh=
ere <XXX> is a lot of base64 =0Aencoded data.=0A=0ALooking in the source fo=
r su there are three places that generate =0A"Sorry". They all send message=
s to syslog. Is there a "BAD SU" entry in =0Ayour /var/log/auth.log or a PA=
M related error in /var/log/messages =0Aand/or on the console?=0A=0A-- =0AI=
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ace of servants. Called Uruk-Oh-Hai in the Black Speech, they=0Awere cruel =
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ail to ""=0A=0A=0AWhen you're edit=
ing the /etc/passwd file make sure it's the one in the partition that you s=
et for your root for the diskless machine. It could be the same one as the =
server but typically another partition is setup as the root for the diskles=
s machine(s).   
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From: doug <>
Subject: mouse in alpine
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on (.1 I built alpine with:

===> The following configuration options are available for alpine-2.00_3:
      THREADS=on: Compile with thread support
      MOUSE=on: Enable mouse support for xterm
      NLS=off: National Language Support
      ISPELL=on: Use ispell instead of aspell as default speller
      NOSPELL=off: Use no default speller (overrides both)
      PICO=on: Build and install pico, the default editor
      IPV6=off: Add support for IPv6
      LDAP=off: Add support for LDAP
      PASSFILE=off: Support for a stored password file (DANGEROUS)
      CONS25=off: Add a patch to support color for default console
      QUOTA=off: Add a patch for disk quota checking on IMAP
      MAILDIR=on: Add a patch for maildir support

mouse in xterm works fine but not in pine. My mentor has Xorg installed, so his 
system is not useful as a pattern to follow. I have an older version working. 
That system has some X libs installed. I have .ssh/config and all that stuff 
configured. At least on 7.4 alpine seems to require some further support. 
Hopefully someone can tell me what I am missing.

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