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Date:      Tue, 17 Nov 2009 09:28:21 +0000
From:      krad <>
To:        Johan Hendriks <>
Subject:   Re: ZFS Snaphost & Hardware RAID
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2009/11/16 Johan Hendriks <>

> >Hello all.
> >I plan to set up backup server with 24x1Tb HDD and use ZFS with
> >FreeBSD-8.0 on it.
> >I prefare to have "ZFS only" system but as I see there is no any easy
> >way to do so.
> >I would like to use ZFS snapshots - is I undestand right what snaphots
> >work OVER ZFS raidz\storage? So I can`t use hardware RAID and must make
> >a raidz?
> >I would love to head any other suggestion about using FreeBSD with ZFS
> >as backup server.
> >--
> >Best regards,
> >Proskurin Kirill
> An option is reading this thread on the FreeBSD forums.
> regards,
> Johan Hendriks
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zfs works fine with hardware raid controllers, it just means the disk setup
can be a little more complicated, and needs to be thought about a bit more.
Personally I would JBOD all the drives apart from the system drives which I
would create a mirror for. With this setup you utilize all the best features
of the hardware and software.

System zpool with hardware mirror means you are less likely to get issues
booting as bios will see the virtal device exported by the raid card and
wont have to alter the boot drive if one of your system drives dies. Just
give the system zpool on dev

backup zpool: raidz2 ( group into vdevs of 8 drives ). If you export the
drives from the hardware raid as a jbod and get zfs to do all the raid
stuff, you will enjoy more funky raid configs, and if you have to rebuild a
drive it will odds on be much quicker as you only have to do allocated
blocks as opposed to full block rebuild of the entire drive as the raid
controller would do. Also using the raid card rather than straight scsi you
might get benefits from the raid cache, if its cpu is quick enough.

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