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Date:      Sun, 5 Feb 1995 19:38:53 -0800
From: (Paul Vinciguerra)
Subject:   trouble w/ bad144/badsect
Message-ID:  <>

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I'm having trougle with FreeBSD 2.0 on my 386 with a 1 gig ide drive.  
BSD keeps giving me the FSBN #'s and the BN#'s. I can't mark these 
sectors bad with either bad144 or badsect.

The message I get is the following:
    wd0f: hard error reading fsbn 1580785 of 1580736 - 1580847 (wd0 bn 
    1978561; cn 1962 tn 13 sn 46)wd0: status 59<seekdone,drq,err> error 
    40 <uncorr>

Which utility should I be using?  I understand that bad144 is a 
"CLEANER" fix, but all I ever get is the USAGE: message.

I type:
   bad144 -f wd0 1580785 1978561
I get Usage bad144 blahblahblah
I type:
   bad144 -a -f -c wd0 1978561
I get Usage ....

When I run bad144 wd0, I get:

bad144: read bad sector file @ sn 2116738:invalid argument
   :   {more of the sake w/ different. sn's}

What am I doing wrong?  How do I rectify this problem?


Paul Vinci

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